Saturday, December 18, 2010

Louth Bay Nov 2010

 After the cold wind at Lipsom Cove we thought that a few days in a caravan park in Port Lincoln were in order so that we could address an electrics problem  we had developed  and catch up on a few other things, however when we got to Louth Bay and discovered how sheltered it was we just had to stay a while.

 On our way there we went to Tumby Bay and I visited their lovely patchwork and wool shop.  As we have been travelling on the Pen.  we have noticed all the lovely roses that are out and don't seem to mind the salt air which is a real surprise. They really   are a picture!!

 When we arrived at Louth Bay 2 other rigs were in the process of setting up; a large bus and a big 5th wheeler. We went into town after setting up as I needed to stock up with groceries and on our return found 2 camper trailers were set up next to us and they were expecting more people later on. When they pulled out after the weekend a small 5th wheeler slotted into their place and we ended up with a lovely group of friends.
 Hair salon  Louth Bay Open

 Louth Bay camp ground

 Part of our group was several dogs and "Ally" in particular was rather cute although often naughty. She reminded me of "Hairy Mc Larey" a dog in a series of children's books.

 One of the main activities each day was to go down to the jetty and fish for squid. Everyone else had success except me. I got a couple of hookups but didn't land anything.

 Fishing for squid on the Louth Bay jetty

 We also were entertained by Lorraine one night when she brought out her piano accordion and we had a singalong with our sun downers. All in all we really enjoyed our time at Louth Bay to the extent that no one  wanted to leave , so we all decided to leave on the same day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Eastern Side of Eyre Peninsula Nov 2010

 Our plans had been to go from Point Lowly to Point Gibbons but after all the rain we had had we were very reluctant to take the road to  Point Gibbons as it had water lying on it. Instead we wandered down the coast to Redbanks which is just north of Arno Bay.

 This area was named after the red cliffs that are  there.  The cliffs are also a haven for sea birds.  The camping area is only fairly small but we camped up the top where it is fairly flat and hadn't long set up when another van arrived . It was a nice sunny day but it was fairly windy with quite a bite to it . In a sheltered spot beside the van when we had "sun downers" with our new neighbours it was quite pleasant .

Pied Cormorants at Redbanks

 The next morning we went into Arno Bay and had a look around and then went out to the boat ramp where there was a lookout so that you could see out over the bay to the aquaculture sited further out in the bay.

 For our next stop we headed to Lipsom Cove. There were only a few camping spots here and again it was quite windy, blowing from the south. It was so windy that it was blowing in very cold air around the microwave so we stuffed wadding around it to keep the van warm. When I went for a walk along the beach I received a big surprise to find a colleague from Darwin walking her dogs  with her husband along the beach. We stopped for quite a chat to catch up on our travels.  They are very keen fishermen and had rented a shack at Port Neill for 4 weeks.  They were due to head back to Darwin in the next few days.

 The scenery around this part of the coast was quite dramatic, as we found  when we went for a walk around the cliffs. We thought we would get a view towards Cowell but it was further away than we thought.
 We decided that  the animals think it must be spring as the shingle back lizards were  being very amorous.

Rugged coastline at Lipsom Cove

 Crested terns
  This area had an island just offshore which you can walk to at very low tide. The whole area was obviously a bird haven with Crested Terns on the mainland beach and lots of cormorants on the island.

 Looking towards the offshore island

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fitzgerald Bay and Point Lowly Oct 2010

  After a few lovely days at Port Broughton catching up with our friends, Nicky and Bob we headed north and west .

 In the "bible" Fitzgerald Bay looked a good sheltered spot at the top of Spencer's Gulf, however when we arrived it was quite windy without much shelter and the wind kept shifting so it was very difficult to set up camp with a sheltered side so we could sit outside.  It also wasn't very warm as the wind had a real bite to it.
Story board at Fitzgerald Bay
 Fitzgerald Bay was also the first place we ran into the masses of flies that were around. I  went for an early morning walk along the beach as far as the shacks at Fitzgerald Bay but it wasn't very pleasant because of the flies.
 We stayed overnight but by mid morning as the flies and the wind weren't abating Lynn decided that we should perhaps move to Point Lowly/ Port Bonython.
  The move was only about 8klm back down the sealed road and past the Santos Gas Plant . At the free camp we found several other rigs camped in various places , but we decided to camp on the flat to the left of the bay and in the shelter of a large 2 storey house.

 Again the wind and the flies were a problem but at least we now had an outdoors sheltered area . To rectify the fly problem when we went into Whyalla the next day I bought 2 fly nets to make things more comfortable.

 On the way to Fitzgerald bay at the top of the hill there is a good view of the bay and we saw an aquaculture farm with several pens set up . We had  also come past a Cleanseas Tuna  factory which is just on the Point Lowly side of the gas plant. So when the work boats appeared in the bay at Point Lowly we were not surprised.
Santos gas plant in the background

Most days there was activity of some kind either the small work boats going out and coming back in to tie up for the night or the bigger boats coming in to pick up fish food and drop off the harvest. The bigger boats had hiabs on the front of them for loading gear which was taken off the lorry with a large crane .
Point Lowly Lighthouse

 busy loading the boat
 heading back out

 The area around Point Lowly is noted for its fishing and several of the campers were there for the snapper  which in this area are quite a size. However the snapper season finished just after we arrived there .
 The waters near the gas plant are protected as there is a major giant cuttlefish breeding area there. 
 We had quite a good time there with great company but the weather didn't improve much and was mostly cold and windy. We also had some big thunderstorms with quite a bit of rain.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

South of Adelaide Oct 2010

 From Adelaide we decided to go to Goolwa where we could camp on Lynn's sister's block which was just back from the beach.

 However getting there was not plain sailing.  As we were driving along caught up in a traffic jam on Port Wakefield Rd we were advised by a lady that there were strange noises coming from the van wheels on the drivers side. Unable to hear anything and unable to stop we continued on and eventually after we had passed a  fatal accident we were able to get clear of the traffic and pick up the pace a little. However as we were travelling along Military road we were advised that one of the van wheels was wobbling all over the place. Lynn was able to stop this time and found that the wheel was hanging on on only 2 wheel nuts so he pulled around the corner to attend to it and the wheel fell off all together.

 As the brakes and bearings had recently been serviced by a mobile outfit he contacted them as he felt that they hadn't tightened up the nuts properly.  They came after about 30 mins and fixed the van up so we could continue on to Goolwa. They said they would come to us with the wheel that they took to get fixed and also fix the plumbing that got ripped off when the wheel rolled out the back.

 At Goolwa we found the block and set up. We tried to put the new annex up but as the block was sloping a bit we ended up with only the front and side walls up.  It initially provided shelter from the southerly winds but then 2 days later the wind swung around and the annex was coping a pounding so we took it down  and packed it away.

 While we were in the area we went to Victor Harbor and Port Elliot as well as looking around Goolwa a bit more .
 launching a new tourist boat

 We found a spot down by the lake where we could get some water  and while filling up on one of our visits to the tap we were pleased to see that with the water filling up , people  are putting more tourist services in place . Further down the lake an existing paddle steamer could be seen.
 ? houseboat

 On our way back from  Victor Harbor  where we went looking for drawer runners for the cutlery drawer, we stopped for lunch at a lovely fish and chip shop where we got a lovely meal and then took it to the Memorial Gardens which have a lovely view over the bay.
 corner of Port Elliott
 looking towards the caravan park

 While we were at Port Elliot our friends Nicky and Bob rang to say they were heading back to SA . At the time we were still waiting for the wheel to be fixed but it appeared a couple of days later so we decided that as the weather was cold and windy perhaps it would be better over towards York and Eyre peninsulas.