Friday, November 4, 2011

Airing of the Quilts October 15th 2011

 I had been looking foreward to  going to this event since we passed through back in August.

I first found out about the event when we passed through Northhampton about 8 years ago and again we were  too early for it but being inthe area this time made a point of going.

 From the Banksia Dale Farm where we were looking after the animals, to Northhampton it is about 100 klms, so we left fairly early but made a couple of stops on the way to get some gas and I needed some stuff from Spotlight.  We also stopped at a rest area about 15 klms out for a cuppa.

 When we drove through the town looking for a place to park we were blown away by all the quilts that were hanging off various buildings. We were lucky to find a park next to the supermarket which was also across the road from a lovely park.

 We walked down the street  to just past the Tourist Bureau and then Lynn continued to the bottom pub where there was a display of vintage cars. I then walked back up the street stopping at more places on the way. Lynn eventually caught up wiht me and then we checked out the display of sewing machines  before getting some lovely hamburgers and eating them in the park.

 It was a lovely warm day but rather windy which made it tricky to take pictures of some of the outdoor displays.

Apart from the quilts hanging in the street the local quilters had set up displays and stalls in 2 of the halls. There were also a number of stalls in parks around the place. There were also 2 displays of related stuff. A display of lace in one place and a display of tapestry in a church which consisted of all the kneeling pads being covered in lovely tapestry.

 My favourite quilt

 quilts hanging in the street

 The local Convent with a double storey quilt display

 the blocks in this quilt are created by weaving pieces of material

 Even the blokes got roped in !!!

 A couple of quilts that caught my eye

Quilts hanging from the top verandah of the  pub

 A pattern I would reallllly like to make
 After visiting Northhampton we came home via Nabawa and Nanson 2 very small towns in the Chapman Valley. We also called into the Camping area at Fig tree to see haow many vans etc were there.

Forever Going south Aug 2011

 Coastline in Point Quobba area

 From Barradale we continued south and had a lovely morning tea stop at Minilya where we chatted to several other travellers and holiday makers.

Next stop was the Big smoke " at Carnarvon where we opted to stay in a Caravan park and found a site in the Carnarvon caravan park which was nice and accessible to get a few things done including washing sheets and filling up with water  in preparation for heading off to Point Quobba.

Point Quobba blowholes

 After a busy day getting all our things done ,the next morning we did a quick post office check and got another gas bottle filled and then headed off out of town . Unfortunately I guided us up a road that was closed  about 3/4 of the way along. We had hoped it would take us onto the road that goes out ot Point Quobba.

The road was interesting as there were birds' nests in nearly all the telegraph poles and wheel hubs had been attached to the poles in places to encourage them to nest. They were mainly being used by Hobbies, Kestrel s, and crows.

When we got to the blowholes it was rather windy and looked like rain. but what we really enjoyed seeing was a few whales off th e coast. The blowholes were fairly active and  after taking some photos  we then went along the back of the beach to find a camp spot. Unfortunately we had to go almost to the end to find a spot .

We weren't very impressed with the spot as it was very windy and inclined to rain and when we walked over to the beach , it was quite steep and had deep sand so it wasn't nice to walk on .

Point Quobba beach

sunset at the beach

 The next day we set off to get away from the wind and the rain. We thought that we would go inland to Rocky Pool, as we had been told that we could camp there despite the "bible" saying it was a day area only. It seems that all the notices got washed away in the Jan Floods.

 However before we left the Point Quobba area we decided to visit the HMAS Sydney memorial which was on the road to Red Cliffs.
   HMAS Sydney memorial

 Plaque at entrance to memorial