Monday, April 2, 2012

Crossing the Nullabor Dec 2011

 From Hyden and Wave Rock we set off to  travel the Woodland Trail to Norseman. We had been advised by our friends that this road was a short cut but with a good dirt surface and that a stop at the Breakaways was not to be missed as well as climbing  Mc Dermiad Rock .
Our friends were quite correct as we found the going easy and really enjoyed our time at the Breakaways to the extent that we stayed an extra night . The facilities were a bit basic but the setting was just lovely and the storyboards explaining the  creation of these formations were quite interesting.

The Breakaways

 Mc Deramid Rock was easy to climb and again very interesting . We reached it early in the morning  and it was nice and cool . The view from the top was wonderful.

Mc Dermiad Rock

 Rock pool on the rock

When we reached Norseman we filled up with water and fuel ready for the trip across the Nullabor which was the last major stretch of Australia's coastline that we hadn't done. Initially the going was easy and we camped the night near Balladonia.
As we continued we started to run into some head winds, and we were very grateful of the extra fuel we had taken on at Norseman. We were also advised that fuel prices were high until we got to Mundrabilla where the first cheaper roadhouse was. It was also  where we found a lovely sculpture of a humpback whale,as nearby the Whale watching Centre was located but unfortunately it was closed.

Late on the second day we crossed the state boundary and were back in South Australia. We had a look around Eucla before finding a camp spot for the night at the 10 mile peg mark where there were a few trees and lots of bigger shrubs that provided shelter from the wind.  The next morning we made a few stops along the way to see the Bunda cliffs , it was again quite windy.

Bunda Cliffs
Lunchtime found us at Fowlers Bay which we thought was a very pretty place  but the road in from the highway left a lot to be desired. We thought that  Cactus Beach was an ideal place to stay the night but again the road was diabolical and when we arrived found it was most unsuitable and very expensive so we continued on to Ceduna. After a night here we finally made it to Haslam where we planned to stay a few nights.

 Having recuperated at Haslam for a few days we moved onto Cleve and stayed a couple of days at the weir about 5 klms east of the town.

 Our next stop was at another of our favourite spots at Pt Lowly where there were quite a few other campers including friends we had seen there about 12 months ago. We again parked down the bottom on the slightly rocky area but not on the beach like some other vans.

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