Thursday, May 31, 2012

High Country diversion 1

 From Yarrawonga we travelled to Wangaratta and then turned right away from the Murray and down towards Beechworth, Myrtleford and Bright.
 We were looking forward to seeing some of the autumn clours that Bright is famous for as the seasons were about to change.
At Beechworth we booked into the caravan park near the lake. It was the first park we had been inot since leaving Adelaide. The shops here are quite old and full of fascinating things, including an old fashioned Lolly shop.
 From Beechworth we did a day trip to Woolshed Falls and Chiltern. We also stopped at Mt Pilot national park whihch had wonderful views over a large area.

 The trip to Chiltern started with a trip around the outskirts of Beechworth where we stopped at the Powder Magazine and also saw some falls which we crossed over when we first drove into town.

 Woolshed Falls

 Beechworth Falls

 Heading out of town we first visited the Woolshed Falls where  we stopped for smoko and realized that we had forgotten the thermos so boiled the billy using the gas ring that fits on top of the small gas botttle.
 We then continued on to  Mt Pilot national park  and I climbed up to the top of the mountain. It wasn't far and was a fairly easy walk but as Lynn's legs have been sore latley he hasn't been doing much walking.

 Continuing on to Chiltern we found it was much smaller than Beechworth but being another old gold mining town had some lovely old shops.
 So that we didn't retrace our steps we returned to Beechworht via Yackandandah which again is an old minimg town but a bit bigger and had lots of trendy old shops like Beechworth. We had lunch in the park  before checking out the shops.

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